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Fraudulent data and plagiarized text may corrupt scientific literature and ultimately harm. but by presenting incorrect data or transcripts, the whole scientific society is affected. Writers of scientific literature have been found to be involved in plagiarism and other publication misconducts from time to time irrespective of social, economic and geographic structure. The reason of such behavior is not usually obvious. Easy availability of personal computers has led to widespread dissemination of scientific literature. As a result, young scientists are now publishing their research more frequently and efficiently. At the same time, this has increased the tendency to submit hurriedly prepared, poorly drafted and even illegitimate publications. Use of some amount of copy–paste followed by modifications during preparation of a manuscript seems to be common. Therefore, the researchers, especially postgraduate students, should be educated continuously about ethical writing.

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No-show papers are defined as papers submitted by authors who subsequently did not present the paper in-person (no videos, no remote cast) at the technical meeting. Presentations by proxies are not allowed, unless explicitly approved before the conference by the technical co-chairs. 
Exceptions to this policy will be made by the Technical Program Chair of the conference only if there is evidence that the no-show occurred because of unanticipated events beyond the control of the authors, and every option available to the authors to present the paper was exhausted. The no-show authors may appeal the decision of the Technical Program Chair to the Vice President-Conferences.

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As provided by SRIF Policy, all technical, educational and professional publications are required to be copyrighted by the SRIF. Copyright is held by the Institute itself and not by any Society.
In further keeping with SRIF policy, the conference shall ensure that, prior to publication, all authors or their employers shall transfer to the SRIF in writing any copyright they hold for their individual papers. Such transfer shall be necessary for publication, except for material in the public domain or reprinted from a copyrighted publication. In return, the SRIF shall grant authors and their employers permission in writing to make copies and otherwise reuse the material under terms approved by the SRIF Publication Services and Products Board, which shall be specified in the SRIF Operations Manual. This includes electronic posting of accepted article preprints.

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    Conference topics


    Educational Sciences


    Social Sciences 

    Curriculum and Instruction
    Educational Technology
    Educational Administration
    Guiding and Counseling
    Educational Planning
    Measurement and Evaluation in Education
    Learning Psychology
    Developmental Psychology
    Education and Culture
    Instructional Design
    Learning and Teaching
    Special Education
    Distance Education
    Life Long Learning
    Mathematic Education
    Social Sciences Teaching
    Science Education
    Language Learning and Teaching
    Human Resources in Education
    Teacher Training
    Pre-school Education
    Primary School Education
    Secondary School Education
    Vocational Education
    College and Higher Education
    Learner Needs in 21 Century
    The Role of Education in the Globalization World
    Human Rights Education
    Democracy Education
    Innovation and Changing in Education
    New Learning Environments
    Environmental Education
    Professional Development
    Nursery Education
    Healthy Education
    Sport and Physical Education
    Multi-cultural Education
    Mobile Learning
    Technology-Based Learning
    Music Education
    Art Education
    History Education
    Gender and Education

    Clinical Psychology
    Developmental Psychology
    Personality Psychology
    Law and Forensic Psychology
    Social Psychology
    Consumer Psychology
    Sexual Trauma Psychology
    Evolutionary Psychology
    Educational and Developmental Psychology
    Counseling Psychology
    Experimental Psychology
    Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    Sport Psychology
    Psychology and Human Behaviour
    Applied Behavioural Analysis
    Anxiety Disorder
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 
    Behavioral Genetics
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Panic Disorder
    Bulimia Nervosa
    Depression Disorder
    Mood Disorders
    Bipolar Disorder
    Women Mental Health in the 21st Century
    Schizophrenia Disorders
    Neurodevelopmental Disorder


    Ambient awareness
    Black Lives Matter
    Caring or Research for the Elderly
    Child Research
    Conflict theory
    Cultural appropriation
    Cultural assimilation
    Equal pay
    Ethic in Society/Online Society
    Family issues
    Family Research
    Fashion trends
    Flocking behavior
    Gender Issues
    Globalization Impacts
    Mass Media
    Occupy movement
    Online dating
    Online Society/Online Community
    Police brutality
    Poverty gap
    Social media activism
    Social Policy and Social Legislation
    Social Psychology
    Social Research or Social Science
    Social stratification
    Social Works in Modern Society
    Spirituality and religion
    Technology/Criminology in Society
    Work place
    Youth culture


    Today: Sunday 25 October 2020
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